Mixed Media Collage
Mixed Media Collage, Bernadette Youngquist

Over the years the reasons might have changed but one thing is for sure, summer is my favorite.  I was born into summer on a hot day in a room with a view of the Atlantic ocean I am told. As a kid summer was no more school for weeks.  Summer was long days at the beach until the tide came way up.  Summer was hot dogs on the grill, bike riding, roller skating, hopscotching, and chinese jump roping.  Fireworks, birthday cake, and presents just for me.

Later when I moved west it was hiking, camping, and going to the lake  which quickly transitioned into days of long hours in the sun working on my tan and nights cruising in cars with my girlfriends looking for some kind of fun to be had. Drive in movies late, late at night.  Summer has always felt like freedom to me.  Freedom from too many layers of clothes, freedom from homework and schedules.

Now I enjoy summer for different reasons.  But essentially it’s the same things that put me in a refreshed state of mind. Warm weather, sunny skies, green foliage and bright flowers.  Dining alfresco.  A warm breeze I can feel against my skin.  Sundresses and flip-flops.

Celebrate summer! It is so fleeting.

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