One Way to Use your tablet for Art

I am recently the recipient of a computer tablet. My iPad Air is a lovely companion willing to waste hours with me.  Though many hours are purely entertainment, I prefer it to my other devices for following recipes, reading articles and books, and most recently painting.  What a wonderful thing to sit all cozied on the couch and work out my sketches and ideas for future paintings on a screen; no materials wasted.  There are a variety of apps available for free.  I use 53 Paper with the stylus.  I love showing up to my canvas and knowing what I am going to do! Here is an abstract I played with on my tablet the other evening.  I call it Happy.

Digital artwork on my tablet.

Below, is my translation of the digital image to canvas using oils.  I simply eyed the digital drawing on my tablet for shape and color recognition and painted it larger on the canvas.  It is not an exact replica, but my aim was to work out the composition and colors so I am satisfied with the final.

Do you use your computer to aid you in your artwork?  How so?

Oil on Canvas, 16in x 20 in.
Oil on Canvas, 16in x 20 in.

2 thoughts on “One Way to Use your tablet for Art

  1. Oh that’s a wonderful looking app = I’m going to send it to my mother, she’s an artist and teaches art so it’s perfect as a modern day sketchbook. Thanks for the suggest. :)


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