Personally Painting

Acrylic, Oil, on Canvas. 24x48 inches.
Acrylic, Oil, on Canvas.
24×48 inches.

So this is the scary stuff.  Scary for me in the sense that it is so personally me.  The deep down me and all that ethereal hard to put into words me.  Which is why they call it expressionism. It’s how artist’s express the wonder and experience of space, time, the relationships between objects and the relationships between living things because words aren’t powerful enough to do the job. There is little or no plan for a painting like this.  There is just color, shape, and instinct.  A feeling of whether it is right, balanced, effective.  The key is letting go and tapping into it.

The food stuff is earthly pleasures and technical skill.  It is easy to put into words and I know what it should look like on paper.  For me, it is challenging and has it’s place in an artist’s skill set.  But, it is a different creative experience from this one.  This is my journey for 2014, what’s yours?

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