A Year of Food, Art, and the Unexpected.

Three Bean Chili
Three Bean Chili

The year is coming to a close.  In retrospect, time passes quickly. A year ago I couldn’t have anticipated what it would hold.  My son had a back injury that made it difficult for him to walk for most of the year because of the pain.  He could no longer participate in sports or even get from class to class walking around his high school.  Chronic pain consumes life.  And, as you can imagine, it seeps into the whole of a family.  My year was filled with doctors appointments, home therapies, and home bound schooling. Hope and disappointments. Far worse than the infringement of my time and the adjustment to life as we knew it was the worry.  How do we make him better and will he even get better?  It breaks your heart to see your child losing his dream.  It breaks your heart to see a child immobilized. I am so pleased to say that he is on his way though it has taken a village of people for whom I am so grateful.  I set out to grow this year and the universe had more in mind for me than I hoped to take on.  C’est la vie.

With each new endeavor  I completely dive into whatever I am doing.  I was looking over thoughts jotted down when the 52 weeks just began in the excitement of what I might do with this blog.  If you remember, I set out to create 52 works of art in 52 weeks of time.  I even started out ahead of the game for the first couple of months.  The goal: To become a better artist and to create a body of work.  I had pie in the sky ideas of  the different directions a blog can take and spent a lot of time learning about all of it.

The beginning of a new year is just around the corner and I think “what now”?  Have I actually completed 52 pieces of artwork? No. Do I keep trudging on and try to complete 52?  Maybe.  Do I love food as a subject? Sometimes. Do I know anything more of the role art plays in my life than I did a year ago? Yes.  Do I feel a sense of accomplishment? Definitely.

I have had the experience of knowing something in the intimate way that comes from the dedication of repetition.  The skills of creating form have become part of me.  I look at objects differently. I understand color  more intuitively.  I understand what colors will give me the impact I am looking for.  I have learned a lot about colored pencils as an expressive medium which was also an unexpected surprise. Mastered?  Absolutely not even close.

I would like to maintain this blog at a more reasonable pace.  I continue to like food and cooking.  I continue to seek growth as an artist.  What will change is the parameters.  The art will not be food every time.   I will continue to share recipes I think are worth sharing.  Taking food photos is just too fun to give up!  But I would like to be more varied in my artwork.  I will continue to tell my story as this is a web log after all.  I expect the content to be better on all accounts because it will be content driven as opposed to deadline driven.

I Hope you will stay with me as readers and viewers. I hope you will continue to comment because this is a mutual relationship and I do appreciate your thoughts.  I do love a reminder from time to time that someone is on the other end!

I am just a few words short of an academy awards speech at this point, but I would also like to thank the blogging community which, if you are part of it, you know what a wonderful, supportive, group it is.  You above all, have kept me inspired in so many ways with your content, writing, and the baring of your souls.  And thank you FB, Tumblr, and Pinterest followers. You guys rock too.  Don’t forget that you can also get my posts directly in your inbox by signing up with your email account.  I don’t abuse it in anyway, promise.

We still have so much canvas to paint and food to eat!  Wishing YOU a healthy, prosperous, and creative new year!

Since most of the US is freezing, here is a tried and true recipe to warm you up!  It comes from Sally Sampson who wrote a fantastic cookbook called the $50 Dinner Party.  It was published in 1998 and it is still a great resource for delicious food that doesn’t take a lot of time or money.

Three Bean Chili with Tons of Garnishes

On the art tip.  Here’s to looking at life creatively in the New Year, 2014.

IMG_1279Reconstructed Pepper


2 thoughts on “A Year of Food, Art, and the Unexpected.

  1. So sorry to read about your son’s injury. I hope he is mending and keeping his spirits up. It must be a challenge all the way around. Sending some good thoughts your way. May your new year be filled with many blessings.


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