Cherry Nut Bread worth Stealing

Loaves or Mini Muffins, good enough to steal.
Loaves or Mini Muffins, good enough to steal.

Restraint. A measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits. I don’t know what got in to me, but I had none.

My very sweet and thoughtful Auntie P. once sent a package to me just before Christmas.  I am sure she thought I could be trusted.  My mom lives nearby so why mail two packages when surely I could be counted on to deliver the goods inside.

When I opened the box I found inside two tins. One tagged for me and my family and one for my mom.  Putting my mom’s tin aside, I opened mine up right away.  Inside was a treat festive with red maraschino cherries, chocolate chips, and walnuts.  A slightly pink and moist sweet bread more like a cake than bread. Carefully cut into squares and arranged in the tin, I immediately popped a piece in my mouth. Then another. And another.

I really don’t know what overcame me.  Perhaps the devil made me do it.  My mom would not notice if just one piece were gone from her tin.  She wasn’t even expecting a tin with goodies from her sister. Oh my god that cherry nut bread was so darn moist with just the right amount of everything and such great chew!


I cast my eyes down in shame the guilt washing over me and waited for my wrath……

It must have been so unbelievable.  The audacity.  Because she just stood there shaking her head and said, “You did what”?

That was ten years ago and I have baked dozens and dozens of loaves of that cherry nut bread since then.  I have given most of them away for Christmas.  Compensation and restitution I hope for the loaf I so greedily stole that Christmas many years ago.

Definitely give Auntie P’s recipe a try.  I am sure you will see I really had no choice in the matter.  See Recipe.

10 thoughts on “Cherry Nut Bread worth Stealing

  1. My dearest and sweetest niece (from eating all that cherry nut bread {CNB] no doubt) … what can say, but that any good foodie would have done the same thing, and now, well … they say confession is good for the soul. BUT! I must take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due, so I say to all CNB addicts, while it was I who got our Cooking Artist hooked on the stuff, the recipe comes from Auntie M. and not me, Auntie P. And, like Ms. Bernadette. I have shared the bounty many times over the years since after having made, and eaten, my first loaf. So, kudos to Auntie M. … and to you dear niece for keeping up the tradition. Happy Christmas …


  2. …….what! What!!! You stole my recipe????
    Thank goodness. These are some of the bestest people to share it with. And so it goes on.


      1. I did make it and I think it was delicious – reminds me of Cherry Garcia in bread form. It didn’t seem to have a lot of takers at the two Christmas parties I brought it to however, which I found surprising – I think folks mistook it for fruitcake with those big ol’ cherries in it. Okay by me, the more for me to snack on at home! I might try it with bigger chips next time to see what that would be like. I make a banana choc.chip bread that is very popular with the natives here at home and at bake sales!


      2. Oh no, not the dreaded fruit cake! I guess it should be served with a disclaimer! Glad you enjoyed it and that you tried it! I also loved your ice photos which will make me look at ice much more carefully now. The formations scream to be painted!


  3. When my dear daughter you were born the first morning the nurse brought you into my room,( because back then the nurses fed the infants in the nursery) she said to me “here is your little piggy” and she said that because after all the infants were fed you where the only one crying for more…………….Some things never change!
    I hope you so enjoyed the family treat, oink oink!


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